Bankruptcy Support

With bankruptcies on the rise, we can assist you in all facets of bankruptcy.

Confirmation of the Bankruptcy filing – Many debtors threaten or claim that a bankruptcy has been filed, when in fact it hasn’t. Until a petition for relief has actually been filed with the United States Bankruptcy Court, creditors can continue to take aggressive action.  Let us confirm that a Bankruptcy has been filed, to prevent your violation of the automatic stay by checking a national database to which we subscribe to monitor bankruptcies and other Federal Court cases.

Consultation and Strategy – Review your rights and remedies as a creditor. Do you continue to do business with the debtor, pursue a personal guarantor, seek relief from the stay, serve on the creditor’s committee? Let us help you understand the maze of options available.

Relief from the Stay– When a bankruptcy is filed, an automatic goes into effect. As a creditor, you may have the right to seek relief from the stay to recover your secured collateral or obtain adequate protection from the stay. We can help.

Proof of Claim Filing– Make sure you participate in any dividend distribution by having us file a proof of claim in the bankruptcy and monitoring the progress of the case.

Creditor’s Committee – If you are one of the 20 largest unsecured creditors, you may be asked to serve on the creditor’s committee. Let our attorney help you with deciding on your best course of action.

Review of Plan of Reorganization – Our attorney will explain your rights and help you decide on whether to accept or reject a proposed plan or reorganization.

Monitor Dividend Distributions – Should the Trustee recover assets or should the debtor’s plan be approved, we will make sure that you receive the distribution to which you are entitled in a timely manner.