Judgment Enforcement

You've come to far to stop now! Need Help Collecting Your Judgment?

At Raymond B. Joseph, P.A. our attorney has more than 35 years of experience domesticating, enforcing, and collecting both Florida judgements and out of state (foreign) judgments here if the debtor has assets in the state of Florida.

Florida Judgment Enforcement Services

Cost Effective Options – “Don’t Throw Good Money After Bad”

In the last few years, we have seen a tremendous influx of judgment collection inquiries. In today’s economy, “throwing good money after bad” trying to collect a judgment has been a huge mistake that many creditors unfortunately make. As a result, our firm is pleased to provide post-judgement services that are cost-effective solutions for evaluatingperfecting, and enforcing judgments, with various options available, depending upon a client’s needs.

Experienced Florida Judgment Recovery Attorney

Don’t let your judgment go unperfected or uncollected. Let our experienced Florida judgment lawyer ensure that your judgment liens are properly perfected and that your judgment is aggressively enforced.

Against a Florida Debtor

Did you get your Judgment in another state? Does your debtor have assets in Florida? No worries. Our collection attorney has years of experience, domesticating foreign (out of state) judgments here in Florida, and then attaching assets of the debtor here in Florida. Let us help you today.

Mistakes to Avoid

In Florida, for a judgment to become a lien on real property, a certified copy of it must be recorded in the official records of that county, Florida Statutes also requires that the address of the person who has a lien (i.e. the plaintiff) be contained in the judgment or an affidavit simultaneously recorded with the judgment; failure to do so could invalidate your lien rights.

Additionally, the statute requires the filing of a judgment lien certificate with the Florida Secretary of State to establish priority with respect to a judgment debtor’s interest in personal property which may be subject to seizure by way of a sheriff’s levy.

Judgment or Judgement ?

In Florida, it’s usually spelled “judgment”, but both are acceptable variations of the same word.

One thing is for sure, either way you spell it,  Judgment or Judgement, our attorneys have had years of experience recovering all kinds.