On- Call Corporate Counsel Services

Have a lawyer who knows your business and your needs, on-call, when needed.

Does you business need counsel and advice on an occassional basis, but isn't ready to hire a full time in-house corporate counsel?

Our On Demand Counsel Service Can Help!

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About our On-Call Corporate Counsel Services

Is your business growing, and you wish you had an in-house corporate attorney to provide immediate feedback to problems as they arise, but can’t afford to hire an in-house counsel.  Many of our clients, rely on us to provide, consistent advice on an as-needed basis. Depending on your needs, we can establish a monthly, quarter, or yearly consulting plan, which provides you access to our advice and counsel, when you need it.

Why an On-Call Corporate Counsel.

Most businesses start out solving problems as they arise and find themselves needing an attorney or lawyer from time to time. As your business grows, you begin to realize, having someone assist with the review of your contracts, assist with corporate collections, provide counsel and advice to avoid a costly legal problem.

Most clients go to a lawyer after a problem has arisen. While we love to help clients resolve those problems, we prefer to provide preventative advice and counsel, before the problem arises. By having our trial-tested attorney as a part of your team, you can relax knowing that you will receive unbiased, legal counsel, with the goal of achieving the best result for the least cost.

What services do we offer?

From something as simple as helping your draft a letter to analyzing a complex legal problem to devising a long-term solution to a nagging issue, we can help.

Questions: Give us a call anytime.

Do you have a question about our on-call Corporate counsel services? Give us a call at 904-636-8600 or email us any time and we’d be happy to answer any of your questions.