Pre-Suit Investigative Services- Before engaging in costly litigation, it is often prudent to conduct cost-effective pre-suit investigations. Determining the viability of collection if successful at trial is a critical step many litigants fail to take. Also, what is the cost of litigation? Making sure that your decisions balance sound business principles, with “new normal” economic realities is more critical than ever before.

Judgment Collectibility Report with Exclusive Executive Summary – We begin our investigative efforts with an unbiased, complete and comprehensive asset report. We verify all real estate, homestead exemptions, motor vehicles, marine vessels, personal property, tax liens, and judgments against the debtor. We do our homework before we make our recommendations to you.

Judgment Lien Perfection- Believe it or not, many attorneys fail to take the critical steps necessary to insure that your judgment lien rights are properly perfected. (Many are very simple, but often times overlooked.) We review your judgment and take all steps necessary to see to it that all steps are taken or corrected to create a valid lien on all available real and personal property of the debtor.

Post- Judgment Discovery- In addition to the Asset/Lien Report services, we will obtain a court subpoena requiring the debtor to furnish up to date financial information, including bank accounts, tax returns, corporate financial statements, motor vehicle registrations and more…

Post- Judgment Garnishment and Sheriff Levies- We routinely enforce our client’s judgment by locating active bank accounts and garnishing them and all available receivables. Should the debtor have real estate or personal property, we will instruct the sheriff to attach and sell all property necessary to satisfy your judgment.